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so how could i want more?

maybe i’ll see you tomorrow and the lust will go away


New poem! This was inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s, The Little Prince. Hope you like it! xo Lang 

(Source: facebook.com, via lovequotesrus)


I’ve been hurt
I am scarred
I am emotionally unstable at times
I don’t expect anyone to fix me
I haven’t had great friendships
It’s hard for me to trust people
I push everyone away because I don’t want to be hurt
I don’t want a perfect relationship
I don’t expect one to be easy
All I know is that I want to try
I want to know you
Your favorite band
Favorite song
Favorite color
Favorite anything
The things you hate
I will work to keep you
I will fight for you
I will trust you

catherineee i really like him & imma fuck it up yay

i. do. not. know. what. i’m. doing. anymore.

for physical stuff? really taylor? don’t become your ex

i should be happy with whatever may come of me and him, but why am i looking to another guy who has a girlfriend?

just because someone hurt me, doesn’t mean i should be on the other side of the same situation…it’s not gonna make me feel powerful

no no no Taylor you need to stop these thoughts